Since the border patrol is para-military it consists of ranks like the military to show authority. At the highest rank a border patrol officer (BPO) are the commander and chief of the border patrol.

Border Patrol HeadquartersEdit

  1. Chief of Border Patrol(CBP)
  2. Deputy CBP
  3. Division Chief
  4. Association Chief
  5. Assistant Chief
  6. Operations Officer

Border Patrol SectorsEdit

  1. Chief Patrol Agent
  2. Deputy Chief Patrol Agent
  3. Division Chief
  4. Assistant Chief Patrol Agent
  5. Patrol Agent in Charge
  6. Assistant Patrol Agent in Charge
  7. Special Operations Supervisor
  8. Field Operation Supervisor
  9. Supervisor BPA
  10. Lead BPA
  11. Senior Patrol Agent
  12. Border Patrol Agent(BPA)

Border Patrol AcademyEdit

  1. Chief Patrol Agent
  2. Deputy Chief Patrol Agent
  3. Assisant Chief Patrol Agent
  4. Training operations Supervisor
  5. Supervisory BPA Senior
  6. Supervisory BPA

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