The the U.S Customs And Border Protection
Usa - customs and border protection1
is part of Homeland Security, and The Border Patrol is part of U.S Customs And Border Protection. Like Homeland Security's, The Border Patrol has their own divisions for specific reasons such as a SWAT team like group for a tactical approach to a situation, or a detective division to investagate different things. So each unit does it own thing to help efforts on the border, drug wise, and weapon wise.



  • Blaine Sector
  • Spokane Sector
  • Harve Sector
  • Grand Forks Sector
  • Detroit Sector
  • Buffalo Sector
  • Swanton Sector
  • Houlton Sector
  • Ramey Sector
  • Miami Sector
  • New Orleans Sector
  • Mcallen Sector
  • Laredo Sector
  • Del Rio Sector
  • Marfa Sector
  • El Paso Sector
  • Tucson Sector
  • Yuma Sector
  • El Centre Secter
  • San Diego Sector
  • Livermore Sector

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